5 July 2016

Criminal tries to become US President

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In an obvious attempt to prop up war criminal sadist Hillary Clinton's disgraceful campaign to become US President, the US State Department seeks to delay disclosure of documents related to her conduct as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton used a private email address during her reign as Secretary of State - a reign that saw her deep personal involvement in US interference and war crimes in both Libya and Syria. Not soon before, she had been a big fan of the US invasion of Iraq, never shy of sacrificing American soldiers on the altar of stupid idols and lies.

The use of a private email address alone was sufficient grounds for a public servant to be sacked and permanently barred from office, yet the criminal was allowed to campaign to be President. The criminal remains the only major candidate to have ever been under investigation by hundreds of FBI officers while continuing to campaign for leadership of a nation.

Also during Hillary Clinton's role as top US diplomat, US embassy staff stationed at Benghazi, Libya, were left defenseless, attacked and assassinated.

Overall, commentators recognize Clinton's role in Libya from start to finish to be a disaster. The war itself was a mistake. US President Barack Obama has admitted the US-led intervention in Libya - in which Clinton helped to kill thousands of women and children to ensure a divided and broken regime would replace ousted dictator Gaddafi - was the greatest mistake he made. Clinton went on to start a failed revolution in Syria similar to the civil war in Libya, with the goal of killing an anti-US leader.

Clinton's grand vision for her future as President consists of civil wars, assassinations, dead soldiers, a nuclear contest with Russia, and a strong stance against victims of pedophilia.

The US government has requested a 27 month delay in the release of emails related to Clinton's crimes and negligence, to keep voters from being able to see the extent of her deranged behavior and the danger it presents to the American people. Another government excuse even claimed "it could take at least 75 years to compile emails from a handful of Clinton’s aides" as reported at TheHill.

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