5 July 2016

You should have mourned 4th of July

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The US has fallen short of what its founders fought for and has restored the oppression that was protested in the Declaration of Independence.

Today, Americans are subject to illegal searches of their vehicles and personal mail on an almost constant basis. Email may be read at will by the state. This kind of hostile warrantless surveillance, arguably, is the thing American colonists found most offensive and it encouraged them to take up arms against British colonial authorities.

One might have thought the type of lack of representation in the British Parliament might have been avoided by America's newfound liberty after it achieved independence. As it turned out, Americans got even less representation. At the moment, the narrow US "democratic" system is hardly capable of representation of the vast population at all.

Writing on taxation, Thomas Knapp at the Garrison Center noted that fewer representatives exist for each US taxpayer than exist for each British taxpayer, despite "taxation without representation" being a major point of complaint by Americans against colonial authorities. In the US, there is one representative per 600,000. In the UK, one per 100,000.

On this, Knapp advised ahead of 4th of July celebrations, "America, it seems to me, has fallen far short of what she could have been had we actually secured our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and jealously guarded them to this day. Between the fireworks and grilling out, take a moment to shed a tear with me for what might have been and isn’t."

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