1 July 2016

Ecuador threatened for Assange asylum

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While the US seems intent on regime change to overthrow its critics in Latin America, the small country of Ecuador has been separately threatened for sheltering political prisoner Julian Assange.

The country's Foreign Minister has accused US ally the UK of threatening Ecuador repeatedly over its refusal to allow the arrest of the persecuted WikiLeaks founder.

According to the Foreign Minister as quoted in a teleSUR report, "It's an interfered (with) and hacked embassy." Western countries are complying with the wishes of the US regime by refusing to cooperate with Ecuador on any issue until Assange is made to leave the Embassy.

Assange knows that due to his exposure of US war crimes and deception by leaking military reports and diplomatic cables, he will face extradition, torture and possibly execution by the US regime if he is arrested by puppet authorities in Europe. The EU arrest warrant against Assange, which is based on irrelevant and trumped-up charges from a Swedish court that were directly recommended by the US regime, may soon become invalid due to the UK future withdrawal from the EU.

The United Nations has ruled Assange to be victim of political persecution and imprisonment, but the Britain and Sweden refuse to comply with the ruling as they continue to obey orders from Washington.

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