29 July 2016

India fails to contain truth on Kashmir

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Writing on recent Indian regime crackdown actions against Kashmiris, the Kashmir Times executive editor wrote "sooner or later the narratives will emerge" to expose the suffering and yearning for freedom.

India has sought to impose a media blackout to prevent Kashmiris and the wider world from being aware of the extent of repression.

However, images of children blinded by pellet guns used by Indian forces, together with other abuses, have circulated easily despite curfews and bans on print publications. Social media understandably played a key role in making people aware.

The editor wrote of the Indian government and its regional authorities in Kashmir, "Their aim is to make the narrative disappear". This effort will fail, the editor predicts, because stories will still "emerge to haunt, often with a dash of bitterness and sometimes peppered with rumours."

In addition, "stories have been told and re-told at individual and community levels", and the editor concludes, "Now, like then, when gory stories of boys dragged out of their homes and shot at point-blank range, tales of random arrests, crackdowns and molestations, of children blinded by pellet guns who have gone missing, abound, yet another unbridgeable chasm has opened, defying resolution of the churning that is Kashmir."

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