19 July 2016

'NATO failed to overthrow Erdogan'

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Sources have indicated the recent coup attempt in Turkey was the work of pro-NATO generals attempting to ensure the country remains a loyal puppet of Washington.

Also, the Erdogan government's accusations against the US, which it sees as harboring anti-state cleric Fethullah Gulen, indicate a possible split by Turkey away from the US regime.

Anti-NATO sources on Twitter make this possibility quite clear.

The world was shocked on Friday by a conspiracy among Turkish military officers to overthrow Turkish democracy and seize power. The conspiracy may have included high-ranking generals in the NATO chain of command, who believed regime-change was needed in the country.

Turkey has already begun arresting those deemed to be traitors in the military, and has denied US forces access to Incirlik Airbase, where the US regime stores nuclear weapons and conducts airstrikes in the region.

Immediately prior to the coup, Turkish President Erdogan had apologized to Russian President Putin for the earlier deterioration in bilateral relations, and promised to work closely with Russia. Many believe this caused NATO military generals to become angry at the Turkish government and seek to depose Erdogan.

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