8 July 2016

Clinton campaign nuked by WikiLeaks

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Despite much of the political left deciding to endorse Hillary Clinton amidst exaggerated campaign rhetoric against Donald Trump, WikiLeaks hasn't held back from striking out at Clinton.

In June, WikiLeaks editor and political prisoner Julian Assange promised "enough evidence to indict" Clinton, relating to her emails.

This has been followed by WikiLeaks releasing emails to and from Clinton related to the situation in Iraq. Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War in 2003, as well as being in favor of other military interventions. She was the main criminal responsible for the disastrous NATO aggression in Libya, which plunged the country in chaos and murder and was later described by Obama as the worst mistake of his career.

During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton also was largely responsible for decisions to escalate the conflict in Syria by illegally smuggling weapons into the conflict zone. This, she wrote in an email, was necessary to help the Israeli regime maintain security during its policies of genocide, apartheid and expansion.

Clinton continues to favor direct US military strikes on Syrian government targets, despite them being protected by Russian military forces and being the main ground opponents of ISIS.

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