15 July 2016

'Jews have no duty to support Israel'

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Quotes from Jewish anti-Zionist blogger Thalwen's recent post, "The importance of being earnest":

"If no country is above the law and we must not hold Israel to double standards then it cannot be held to a double standard here. It cannot be given the right to violate basic human rights and to oppress a people [with] impunity – whether intervention takes the form of economic sanctions, military involvement or political pressure – impunity must end."

On Elie Wiesel and Zionism

"people like Wiesel want to take the Holocaust out of its context and that’s a shame. They vowed “never again,” so far, “again” has happened again and again and we have learned nothing."

On Israeli settlement-building

"The only thing they are doing is building more Palestinian and Jewish graves. Until the Israelis learn to love their children more than they hate Palestinians and covet their land, there will be no peace."

On BDS, and the criticisms of BDS campaigners

"The thing all of us have in common is that we see that Israel is doing great harm to the Palestinian people, and to itself. If that makes us horrible people, well, then being a horrible person isn’t so bad."

On America, greatness and patriotism

"If America is ever going to be great, then we have to acknowledge our wrongs and we have to fix them."

On the idea that all Jews should be loyal to Israel

"The idea that Judaism or Jewish identity comes with support for a criminal apartheid state is as illegitimate as saying that Christianity comes with hate for LGBT, or Islam comes with support for ISIS."

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