29 July 2016

Media allege Putin behind WikiLeaks!

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So-called "experts" in US media accuse WikiLeaks of being run by Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to "attack" America (by revealing uncomfortable truths, one must assume).

In ridiculous news stories, the leaking of emails showing the Democratic National Convention rigging the nomination race to ensure Hillary Clinton's success over Bernie is portrayed as a Russian plot to undermine Clinton. Russian hackers invaded the DNC!

While scaremongering journalists think the DNC emails were hacked by Russian agents, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pointed out that no Russians were involved.

WikiLeaks is aware of its sources, although their identities are protected, and knows the sources of the leaks were not Russian hackers. The story is a desperate gambit by supporters of Hillary Clinton to distract people from the rigging and scandal that have marred her campaign and are driving her supporters away.

Rather than focusing on the leaked content, mainstream media are once again trying to turn transparency itself into a scandal rather than noticing the ugliness and lies exposed.

It follows a similar pattern to the way Edward Snowden was dismissed as a Russian spy, while US totalitarian surveillance and authoritarianism are justified by the media.

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