15 July 2016

Israel tries to drag Facebook into war?

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From the Garrison Center on 11 July 2016, reacting to a recent news story from 10 July 2016:

"On July 10, [Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center] filed a federal lawsuit on alleged behalf of the families of five Americans (one American tourist and four Israeli-American dual citizens) killed in attacks which the suit blames on Hamas, the Islamist organization governing Palestine’s Gaza Strip area. Facebook, the suit alleges, assists Hamas (in violation of the US Anti-Terrorism Act) in “recruiting, radicalizing, and instructing terrorists, raising funds, creating fear and carrying out attacks.”

"The suit seeks to punish Facebook to the tune of $1 billion for failure to censor public communications of which the Israeli government disapproves."

From Garrison Center Director Thomas Knapp's analysis and remarks on the story:

"As I previously mentioned, Shurat Hadin characterizes itself as a non-governmental organization. In reality, it seems to at the very least serve as a front for, and quite possibly to function as a de facto litigation arm of, the Israeli state...

"The US government has no business involving itself in the conflict between Israel and Hamas — nor should the  US courts allow Shurat HaDin to turn Facebook and other US firms into collateral damage in that conflict."

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