21 June 2016

India's Zionist settler tactics in Kashmir

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A report printed in the magazine Voice of East points out the "aggressive policies of [the] government of India to change the demography of [the] state [of Kashmir]".

Altaf Hussain Wani, a human rights activist for the Indian-annexed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, is quoted stating, "People under foreign occupation have not only been deprived of their political rights but also social, cultural and economic rights".

The report termed India's foreign policy as being based on a "colonial mindset". Indeed, much of India's behavior has included colonial military occupation and suppression of the many minorities and different nations India claims to rule over. This scandal occurs while India portrays itself as a modernized democracy and consorts with western powers.

Poverty is used by India to inflict misery on the people it attempts to rule over. As the Voice of East report stated, "Indian-occupied Kashmir is one of the regions, where Indian state has failed to respect its international obligations to frame policies to eliminate poverty". India's policy has been to "grab the land of state subjects and render them landless" as the Indian regime works to re-engineer demographic balances to suit its power goals.

Evidence of India's re-engineering of the population to assert its power lies in the way "occupation forces have already occupied 1,000,000 of acres of [agricultural] land". In addition, India is "planning to construct colonies for retired Indian army persons [and] homeless Indians in Kashmir valley".

Occupying powers including Zionist Israel have a long history of building their colonies on occupied territories to change "facts on the ground" to justify their rule on so-called democratic grounds. When such efforts succeed, the result is often deemed to be genocide because it entailed destruction of the indigenous people.

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