17 June 2016

Assange "pretty much" supports Brexit

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In a televised interview, WikiLeaks founder and political prisoner Julian Assange expressed the view that he supports Britain leaving the European Union.

In the interview, Assange broke down the different camps relating to the EU referendum, ultimately favoring the minority "left Brexit" faction in the debate.

While right wing campaigners who support Brexit want the "old empire" and right wing campaigners who oppose Brexit want the "new empire", Assange characterized left wing opponents of Brexit as reactionaries who think "another world is not really possible". This, he contrasted with the more optimistic left who do believe "another world is possible".

The phrase "another world is possible" is associated with the alter-globalization movement and the World Social Forum, attended by Latin American leaders and global sociologists and left wing academics including Noam Chomsky and Immanuel Wallerstein throughout the years. This sentiment is not necessarily against globalization, but against the negative globalization imposed by the US government and corporations on the world's poor and in favor of positive social globaliztion and mixing.

When pressed on whether he supported Brexit, Assange replied "pretty much". He judged that the British regime is using the European Union as "political cover" for human rights abuses and its subservience to the US, including during his own political persecution by the state.

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