16 August 2016

Whistleblowers chilled by DNC deaths

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WikiLeaks sources are "concerned" by the murder of a Democratic National Convention staffer who may have been the source of leaked emails from the DNC. 

The leaked emails had shown the Democratic presidential primaries to be a scam, as Hillary Clinton's win over Bernie Sanders was planned by the organizers.

Wikileaks editor Julian Assange made the comment in an interview with a Dutch television station prior to August 9 2016. When prompted to reveal whether the murdered man was a WikiLeaks source, Assange declined, but continued to reiterate that the staffer's death is of concern to WikiLeaks sources.

To date, Assange has not actually confirmed that the murdered DNC staffer was a WikiLeaks source. Opponents of Clinton's campaign, in contrast, have pointed to a growing number of other shady murders of critics, describing it as the "body count" of Clinton's campaign.

US propaganda mouthpiece The Washington Post responded that Assange's belief a DNC staffer might have anything to do with DNC emails is "a nonsensical conspiracy theory" promoted by "Russia".

Such claims only prove how damaging the truth is to the US political system, with Putin apparently using it to melt Washington DC without nukes. US leaders are allegedly mulling cyber-attacks and sanctions if "Russia" fires more truth and transparency at Washington. Meanwhile, there is no evidence Russia even did anything.

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