9 August 2016

Two years of posts end at Beliefnet

Harry J. Bentham

My work for the L'Ordre blog held at Beliefnet is at its close. All posts will be retained by the website as its intellectual property.

In descending order, I would like to embed some of my most memorable Beliefnet posts below, with their greatest relevance to The clubof.info Blog's mandate to watch technology, politics, and technopolitics.

I would like people to know that the quality and reach of my written work will only increase now I have left paid blogging behind me. From this point forward, I will release only quality book reviews and commentaries about the subjects and issues I am most passionate about.

With such works, a new chapter in my writing and political advocacy begins. These will appear at well-known web-based and possibly print-based publications as they become available, like the recent review I authored of Kevin Carson's book The Homebrew Industrial Revolutionand can be followed at my Twitter account.

In addition, I will be revising and advertising my 2013 Catalyst booklet once again as I still stand by every argument and prediction I made within that short futurist work. This could include releasing more free audio readings of sections of that book, created when I tried to prepare an audio book version of the thesis (that project turned out to be too costly).

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