26 August 2016

British regime seeks to end human rights

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Shocking many, the British regime is making a renewed effort to abolish the Human Rights Act 1998.

Protest action group 38 Degrees is seeking to rally its members to oppose the government's plans for abolition of the 1998 legislation.

Many believe the regime's attack on human rights could undermine some of the most basic rights of the British people, including the "right to life" - according to which the government must supply military forces with adequate equipment to survive. Affecting people back in the UK, removal of the Human Rights Act may mean parents have no control over whether their children are put into care, a 38 Degrees petition states.

Removal of human rights in Britain could even leave people vulnerable to slavery, assassination, torture by the regime, and other affronts to humanity.

Many have feared the UK's withdrawal from the EU will lead to a despotic regime that refuses to abide by EU agreements governing environmental protection, consumers, and human rights.

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