19 August 2016

'Britain needs to retain EU standards'

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Pointing to environment-threatening "big business lobbyists" looking to exploit Brexit, grassroots campaign group 38 Degrees called on members to support its "People Powered Brexit".

Results of 38 Degrees polling show members of the public overwhelmingly voting to keep EU protections and regulations on wildlife and consumer products in place.

38 Degrees: DIY Brexit

In addition, however, those polled wanted to use the Brexit to ensure Britain does not have to comply with US treaties benefiting corporate interests over the population such as TTIP. Over 91% believed "The UK must not be subject to the TTIP trade deal between the EU and the US... if it passes before the UK officially leaves the EU. Any deal we make with the EU must not make us subject to TTIP."

Those polled favored overall mirroring EU regulation while avoiding including the UK in EU treaties. Results show people saying any new UK treaties made "should maintain current safety standards" for all products when it comes to trade.

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