11 September 2015

Saudi Arabia to starve 100,000 children

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Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have been blocking food and humanitarian aid transit to the people of Yemen, in hope of starving the country to death.

Images of emaciated children have already started to appear on social media showing that the starvation of the country during the Saudi regime's illegal war is a reality. Commentators warn that nearly 100,000 children are facing the specter of starvation as a result of the Saudi and US-backed "coalition" cutting off humanitarian aid to the impoverished country. While the Saudis claim to be targeting Houthi rebels, their actions tell another story as millions of civilian lives are deliberately destroyed by blockades and indiscriminate airstrikes.

The figure comes from the UN children's agency, which has said 96,000 children are starving and close to death in Yemen's port city of al-Hodeidah, as reported by Al Jazeera. In addition, almost 20,000,000 people lack sufficient access to water, which is almost the entire population, as a result of the aggression against the country. As the Al Jazeera station is funded by Qatar, which also takes part in the aggression, its short report conveniently eschewed placing blame on anyone for the mass starvation.

Some accounts state that Saudi Arabia has been refusing access of food aid to Yemen or even destroying transports and ships carrying such aid, unless it is bound for specific ethnic groups regarded as allies by Saudi Arabia. Activists point out that this makes Saudi Arabia's actions beyond a war crime, and that these actions amount to a genocide being directed against millions of civilians in Yemen.

The ongoing aggression consists of blockades and bombardments against Yemen, and is motivated by Saudi Arabia's desire to restore former President Hadi to power. Saudi Arabia appears determined that Hadi must rule Yemen again, despite the mass opposition to the corrupt Saudi-backed politician over the guilt he bears for starting the war.

Saudi aggression against Yemen has the full backing of the United States and its allies. The Saudis argue that the Yemeni Houthi political coalition is the source of the violence in the country, but their campaign has primarily targeted the people of Yemen, using collective punishment against the whole country for defying Saudi Arabia. Yemeni retaliation has also been recently gaining momentum, with Houthi fighters inflicting severe losses against foreign soldiers with cross-border rocket attacks.

Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East, and has a population as high as Saudi Arabia itself. However, Saudi Arabia's military actions against Yemen's internal political factions show that the Saudi Kingdom does not accept Yemen's sovereignty and sees itself as the master of the whole Arabian Peninsula.

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