15 September 2015

Terror against US regime is a reprisal

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What the media try to describe as unprovoked terrorist attacks against Americans are actually reprisals against a barbaric and warlike US regime that has left a trail of death and destruction across the world. The US is the world's most dangerous terrorist state, massacring civilians on a daily basis, and pretends to be shocked that anyone would try to retaliate.

This was the tone of antistatist writer Chad Nelson, writing recently at the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) market anarchist think tank based in the US. Highlighting the secrecy under which President Obama's drone wars thrive in order to protect his sensitive image as a dove rather than a hawk, Nelson offered the following commentary on how Americans are tricked about why they are targeted by terrorists:
When retaliation for these actions arrives at our shores or against Americans abroad, as it inevitably does, the American public is shocked and appalled, wondering what could possibly prompt such heinous actions. Hungry for answers, Americans are then fed simple explanations by politicians, such as, “they hate our way of life,” or “their religion commands them to commit such acts.” Never are we provided the context in which such reprisals occur.
Americans go on to tolerate a monstrous, intrusive police state which invades their own lives supposedly to hunt down the militants who are only reacting to the same undemocratic regime's aggression around the world. Americans are subjected to 24/7 surveillance and the bulk collection of all their correspondence, and have no guarantees that they too won't be arbitrarily detained or assassinated by their criminal regime in Washington without trial.

In Afghanistan, the US-led NATO aggression has reached its most sordid and illegitimate scale, with children confined to home and unable to go to school for fear of being hit by Obama's criminal drone attacks. As a result of this, the remote-controlled aggression goes beyond merely creating resentment among the people affected by them, but can even inflame regional or global resentment of the United States for its endless aggression.

Obama will never be remembered as a man of peace, Nelson argues, because he has escalated his drone program to a scale ten times greater than George W. Bush. It is worth noting that none of the current leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential election in the US opposes drone strikes, and even Bernie Sanders has called merely for the strikes to be conducted with more caution, despite their record of failure.

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