8 September 2015

"Propped up" Ukrainian regime doomed

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The Ukrainian regime imposed by the 2014 Coup in Kiev is increasingly weak, fractured and being propped up by foreign powers.

Ukraine's debt has been steadily mounting as the broken, civil war-plagued puppet state has continued to beg its American owners for more money. Recent violence in the streets of Kiev has been sparked by the same extremists who led the Coup and have been involved in massive war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Odessa Oblasts.

Russia has been placed under sanctions by bellicose "democracies" such as the UK and US for its military maneuvers near the unstable state and its reintegration of the Crimean Peninsula with Russia, as well as its diplomatic protests against Ukraine's massacres of civilians. A recent analysis by Mark Chapman argued that sanctions against Russia have failed. They were founded upon a familiar "arrogant", colonial, condescending view of Russia (much like the view informing the campaign of failed sanctions against Iran). They were quickly circumvented by the Russian people, who feel no dependence on the arrogant powers and financial institutions and see a growing moral duty to not cooperate with discredited war criminals and murderers in Washington.

Russian officials have already challenged the US to place more sanctions on their country, saying that they refuse to obey the arrogant powers and will instead confront them if necessary.

The following embedded television debate covered many of the main points about the immorality, confusion and futility of the costly war being waged by the US-backed regime in Ukraine. Most significantly, the way that US regime leaders openly associated and posed with neo-Nazis in Kiev and are now trying to dismiss these same Nazis as "a few bad apples" is exposed by the speakers on the program.

Mark Sleboda portrayed the Ukrainian regime as doomed and argued that it "would have collapsed many times over" if it was not being "drip fed" by the US regime and European puppet states which fear the collapse of the current oligarchy.

The regime ruling Ukraine has censored the media, killed and arrested thousands of civilians, assassinated journalists, assassinated and intimidated political opposition, banned opposition parties, and waged war against all dissenting elements of its own people since it came to power illegally in 2014. The US has refused to condemn the regime and has eagerly supplied it with training, weapons and funding to support its terrorism. There has also been a silence from alternate media and civil society bodies on the escalating and inconvenient war crimes of the dysfunctional and fake "democracy" supported by the US.

The Blog

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