11 September 2015

Mont slams Ukrainian war criminals

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The worldwide Mont Order dissident club has declared the embattled regime in Ukraine, which has been created by so-called "democracies" in Europe and North America, to be illegitimate and deserving massive condemnation.

In a statement published on Sunday, 6 September, the members of the Mont Order Security Council unanimously expressed their condemnation of the illegally installed regime ruling from Kiev. Accusing the regime of "numerous war crimes inside Ukraine, including massacres of civilians in Odessa Oblast and Donetsk Oblast", the Order was overwhelming in its disgust at this "so-called state" and advised its members and global civil society to stand up to its terrorism.

From the Mont Order statement, which can be read in full at the Mont Order society's official blog:
The Mont Order considers that this is an illegitimate regime, and that it has not been sufficiently condemned in the international community and by civil society for its fascist associations and its crimes against humanity. As a civil society body, the Mont Order believes that an avalanche of criticism of this criminal regime using all the tools of the Internet is necessary. The Order considers that anyone who supports the current Ukrainian regime in or outside of the conflict zone should be given the treatment of a Nazi collaborator and any state providing funding or arms to Ukraine is a state sponsor of terrorism.
The Mont Order, which takes its name from a more mysterious group depicted in urban legend, sees itself as a latent civil society body. Led by its Security Council formed earlier in 2015, it has been gaining strength through the use of Mont dark web locations and Mont social media campaigns to expand its influence and capabilities as a pressure group. This has already resulted in numerous publications, journalists and movements being aligned with the Order.

The Blog

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