25 September 2015

Close the bases, dismantle the Empire

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Writing on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, activist Jack Balkwill argued for protests and direct action aimed at closing the overseas military bases that the United States uses to occupy the world.

It is believed that the American regime has between 800 and 1000 foreign military bases globally, from which is exerts a threatening and occupying presence over most of the world. It uses the bases to carry out wars of aggression against dissenting states, in violation of the United Nations Charter.

Balkwill states that these bases do not keep Americans safe or maintain stability in the world, nor does the regime show any concern for Americans in its own territory while its armies continue to occupy the world. The American political system has degenerated into what Franklin D. Roosevelt considered to be fascism "wrapped in the American flag" (Chris Hedges), Balkwill notes.

Americans need to rise up and trash the "military state" to regain any semblance of democracy, Balkwill concludes. Calling wars of aggression around the world "defense" is offensive propaganda because the American public does not support war and would otherwise not buy into arguments for more military spending.

The American "Empire" which exerts itself through its vast number of foreign military bases, can be dismantled if the American people discredit those military bases and the rationale behind them. This is what Balkwill calls for, and a large part of such a movement to discredit the Empire is to revolve around disseminating the right information, as we already do at The clubof.info Blog and our associated channels:
We must get information out around the corporate media to persuade our fellow citizens to oppose Empire, showing that it does not serve the American people, but the international investors and international corporations, as an instrument of fascism.

Balkwill refers to Abby Martin's new show The Empire Files (episode embedded above), which documents and airs the crimes of this global Empire of thugs and killers calling itself the United States. He stated that the series is "urging us all to fight against the empire and bring it down. The Empire does not serve the American people, it subjugates them, just as it does people in other nations."

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