4 September 2015

UK reform harms the disabled: petition

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A petition started at the UK Parliament's public petitions portal calls on the government to assess the negative impact of benefit reforms on the lives of disabled people in Britain.

Titled "Assess full impact of all cuts to support & social care for disabled people", the petition points out that the UK government has ignored public calls to assess "the impact of Welfare, Social Care & NHS reform on disabled people and their families".

The number of disabled people living in absolute poverty has increased as the Cameron government has revised the benefits system. Many disabled and ill people in the United Kingdom are effectively forced to work (sometimes even with only a few weeks left to live).

The petition can be found and signed at the UK Parliament's petitions portal. The government will have to respond if there are more than 10,000 signatures and Parliament will consider a debate on the issue if there are more than 100,000 signatures.

In many testimonies, disabled people are being arbitrary deemed fit for work by fake medical organizations like "Atos Healthcare" which are paid by the government solely to ignore real doctors' advice and force thousands of ill and disabled people to work. Another area of controversy surrounds similarly fraudulent organizations contracted by the Conservative government to be cheap and incompetent conveyors of the government's "work program". In every case, these fake and parasitic corporations are run by government cronies trying to profit from unemployment and thus allowed to usurp non-competitive public sector work.

Because they are private organizations and not state agencies, private organizations doing government work are allowed to observe no ethics, no credible commitment to government targets, and no commitment to actually end the social problems they are exploiting in their contract with the government. The Conservative government wishes to make the NHS similarly driven by capricious businesses who (rather than competing with other businesses) receive the gift of government contracts for nothing more than being a crony.

The Blog

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