1 March 2022

Ukraine's desperate onslaught of fakes

Russia has been carrying out various crossborder military actions in Ukraine, referring to it as a "special military operation", causing rage in NATO governments that hoped for Ukraine's accession and hysteria among passive worldwide audiences.

Critical thinking has diminished, as people graze like cattle upon the news brought to them on their television screens or social media feeds and only react to what is put in front of them by someone else. Nobody takes the initiative to actually investigate things or seek out the different views, to see who is lying by falsehood or by omission.

Russia has no stated aim of occupying Ukraine, despite the obvious violations of its sovereignty. This is supported by the fact that plenty of images and videos show Russian troops leaving civilians unmolested (but not necessarily without being molested by them!) They have no interest in the Ukrainian population, other than to leave them alone.

Nevertheless, Ukraine portrayed the affair as a valiant struggle of the people for their dignity against occupation by cruel Russians.

The immense hostility towards the polite, passing Russian personnel is likely the result of the near-total control of the "narrative" by Western, pro-Ukraine media outlets hoping to portray the Russian operation as a cruel occupation, a genocide, and a defeat all at once (this combination of alleged superhuman power and yet simultaneously subhuman ineptitude is typical of the most vicious propaganda and a telltale sign of it). They cite the lack of destruction Russia is causing as proof of military ineptitude, coupled with evil. We have seen almost everyone here in the West uniting fully against Russia.

As you consider this, consider also the evidence that many Russians (including the invading troops) have Ukrainian family members mixed in the action, meaning they have absolutely no reason to want to kill the population. This turns the entire invasion and atrocity narrative on its head and reveals how ridiculous the international response led by Kiev and Washington actually is.

The Russians seem to do everything they can to warn civilians to step away, and only show an interest in destroying elements of infrastructure that hinder their mission. The Ukrainian authorities can be observed in real time refusing to take any action to minimise civilian casualties and instead letting everyone stay in the path ofairstrikes, and tell civilians with no military expertise to undertake suicidal actions against Russian forces, with gory results recorded later. As such, every indication seems to be that the Kiev government wants as many dead civilian bodies as possible in Ukraine.

Despite calls for war crimes investigations against Russia already, we have no clear understanding about the civilian death toll, and a lot of what we are shown is fake.

If you ask someone in the UK what's so bad about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, they will cite one of these fakes as their reason. They cannot be blamed, as they do not know better. This is more the case now that the West is resorting to suffocating and banning Russian news networks like RT, an act that inadvertently gives Russia the right to cut all Western broadcasts in Russia in turn.

It may seem that wild media reporting, exaggerations and fakes would serve no purpose in a combat situation. However, it does. Reports clearly show that some gatherings of the population in Ukraine are quite confrontational and hostile to the Russians, even when the Russians show absolutely no interest in them or try to stay away from them, to keep them safe.

Even the vaunted videos of Ukrainian civilians cursing Russian soldiers don't seem to show the latter raising a weapon. Comparatively, there are numerous videos showing Ukrainians killing one another, shooting civilians at checkpoints, and having firefights against each other in Kiev because of rumours about Russians dressing up as civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Realising the hold that bloodthirsty Ukrainian and Western propaganda has over many residents of the areas they are operating in and how this is causing civilians to endanger themselves, Russian forces have done limited strikes on the infrastructure responsible for creating and broadcasting the fake information to support the Ukrainian war effort.

Bear in mind that the Russian side has no doubt created fake information as well, but the above is so clearly incriminating that it leaves no doubt that Ukraine is the worse of the two. People who profess to stand with Ukraine in the conflict would do well to consider their desperation to involve other countries in their predicament and to mislead people into traveling to Ukraine to fight for them in their interethnic conflict.

The duping of many people to believe Ukraine is a heroic and innocent nation resisting some exceptional evil that must be fought, is the result of people being passive viewers of information on conflict zones, with no access to a comprehensive breakdown of the world's conflicts and their root. All is based on omission.

- ClubOfInfo


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