27 March 2022

Pakistan opposition colludes with West in regime change effort

The United States, United Kingdom and European Union are pushing for regime change in Islamabad at this time.

Western governments are bribing and weaponizing corrupt opposition figures against the government of PM Imran Khan, to oust him in the current no-confidence vote.

Representatives of the US, UK and EU have openly met with opposition figures willing to collude with them and make the country subservient to the West.

Opposition figures representing foreign interests

From what the Pakistani government has said, Western agents are successfully bringing in what the British and later the CIA called "King George's cavalry" - suitcases of cash - to bribe politicians willing to betray their country. Evidence of such funding, which has gone to various members of the National Assembly of Pakistan, is set to be provided soon by the government.

The current confrontation over the no-confidence vote represents a clash between the patriotic government of the PTI and the corrupt PPP and PMLN, whose only desire is to return to power even at the cost of their country's sovereignty.

West is seeking foreign policy compliance

Western interference seems to originate from dissatisfaction in the US government at Imran Khan's refusal to accommodate US military strike bases on his country's territory, with the corrupt opposition elements particularly complaining about this. Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has openly said that "Imran Khan should not have said 'Absolutely Not' to the US". Another area of dissatisfaction may be the government's refusal to side with EU countries in their condemnations of Russian military action in Ukraine (although this position is no different than any of Pakistan's neighbours, the West seemed to focus on Pakistan).

It seems that disloyal and corrupt opposition figures are signalling to their Western masters that they will unquestioningly obey, even at the cost of their own nation’s interests.

An ongoing rally in Islamabad has shown the significant support for Imran Khan within Pakistan, and he has remained confident that the people are on his side. In the view of many patriotic Pakistanis, corruption and foreign puppetry have gone hand in hand and the people deserve to be free of it.

-  ClubOfInfo


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