Catalyst - the core arguments in quotes

"The internet is now the main front for giving voices to the voiceless."
"open-borders technology"

"existing technologies that delegitimize the current idea of the state"

"reach out and form values that transcend the state"
"Massive risks are certainly involved in techno-liberation"
"good news for anyone disadvantaged or impoverished in the world"
"level playing field between rich and poor makes global equality more possible"

"In short, decisive unchecked explosions in emerging technologies should not be feared"

"Unpredictability and chaos upset only the incumbent powers and regimes in the world"

"unpredictability and chaos work in favor of disempowered and oppressed groups"
"liberation technologies are big arena of impending global liberation"
"This book contains a thesis in four chapters"

"time to recognize technology is starting to play an undeniable role in liberating and empowering"

"time for all breeds of progressives to take a more enthusiastic stance on emerging technologies"
"various other imminent tech explosions, unguided, could be massively liberating like the internet"
"This book is not advocating a techno-centric worldview or techno-utopia"

"The internet is not a blip in technology that just happened to accidentally empower people"

"technology progressing fast enough to outgrow its creators’ initial goals"
"the justification for taking any involved risks by endorsing trends of techno-liberation"
"eliminating the root cause of the worsening global wealth disparity"

"future production processes could be rapidly shared among poor countries and sections of society"

"With this global democratic technological explosion, we will witness the end of oligarchic control"

"could see wealth disparity between the rich and poor sections of the world become unsustainable"
"global society stratified in such a way minority of countries can wield vast power and technology"
"the world is sufficiently connected historically and socially to be studied as a single social system"
"Owners of advanced tech are able to obtain security against it becoming democratically available"
"privileges of certain advantaged actors keep the world economy fully profit-oriented"
"strong firms and states are dependent on maintaining scarcity, as can have more political power"
"Endless profit, of course, is the objective scripted into the present global mode of production."

"politics relates to scarcity, and the leverage of the centers of wealth and power in the world"

"technological change will not totally eliminate global inequality, but they can certainly lessen it"
"nano machines and bio machines may become household appliances, shrink production process"
"What has been proposed here is a prediction based on what is already happening"

"Technology is working to help create more equality"

"Democratized emerging technologies will be anti-statist technologies by definition"

"There are anti-state implications in the arrival of new media and new technology"
"Considering ease of travel and ease of communication, borders are becoming porous"
"expect further social change, with the inevitable universal spread of communication technology"
"The wealth disparities between countries, visible through media, are a “threat” to nations"
"very difficult to conceal the injustices of the global economic village at present"
"a broadened understanding of the shape of global exploitation"
"In past, radical technological changes did indeed bring unfair advantages to one or more nations"

"technology carries definite potential to improve production in poor countries"

"The circulation of social transformational technologies has certainly had democratic effects"
"the internet is creating “long-distance nationalism” independent of a territory or state"
"Current media spin out of the control of states and corporations, empower people"
"Technologies carrying incredible capabilities are rapidly being miniaturized"

"a future in which biotechnology is fully democratized for common user just like personal computing"

"any historical transition is typically dark and filled with reaction, and chaos is often necessary part"
"formation of open-borders global political will as a result of democratized communication technology"
"Interlingua, which was crafted for practical purposes, is unnecessary as translation software exists"
"transhuman development would lead us to become better political animals immune to differences"

"Scholars have remarked that the #internet is a pivotal historical invention akin to the printing press"

"technology is the key item that can be rapidly recognized for liberating and empowering effects"
"further advances in fields not yet attracting popular enthusiasm will also produce techno-liberation" (get the full thesis)
"there would be a chaotic period of structural global crisis, perhaps hell on earth"

"We are not at the pinnacle in history – we are, rather, at yet another transitory period"

"channel the “chaos” in productive direction towards an alternative world and an alternative humanity"
"Accepting chaos is sometimes part of accepting the winds of change" (get the full thesis)
"with the world inequality deepening and the global population rising, chaos is unavoidable"

"Occasionally in history, there will be no choice but to submit to the forces of chaos"

"we can build anew when the crisis has birthed the next civilization. No-one can predict the outcome"
"the only craftsman is going to be the crisis itself"
"appeal to new group ideas as a way of promoting equality and the idea of democracy"
"the old idea of citizenship must be allowed to disappear" (get the full thesis)
"in the long term, the idea of a greater human community is better than any kind of sect"
"delegitimization of nations and citizenship is a worthy goal for any currents of techno-liberation"
"Differences of language and culture represent significant barriers that justify disparity"

"technologies will help to undermine the social cohesion of nation-states"

"delegitimize and question concepts of nation and citizen and turn to another basis of identity"
"leaking of state information can also serve to delegitimize the state and undermine bullying power"
"Techno-liberators should embrace already inevitable dramatic and precipitous decline in police order"
"the world is taking a step towards eliminating a brutal and violent basis of power" (get the full thesis)
"Wars now mainly disguised as interventions, by rich countries against poor countries"
"promoting democratization of technology will increase the ability of the global poor to resist"

"Techno-liberation actions could include a moral need to violate patents and security concerns" (get the full thesis)

"Religious symbolism and argument can be justified, if they lead towards egalitarian ends"
"people who value freedom of information can become whistleblowers and leakers"
"certain machines will be able to replicate themselves, or synbio life-forms could replicate"
"techno-liberators can approach the throes of transition to a new world system optimistically"

"A large amount of the structural oppression in the world can be delegitimized and overpowered"

"It merely requires the courage to stand up for an equal world that will not be divided" (get the full thesis)
"When it comes to techno-liberation as an actual choice, the choice is not “ours” at all"
"choice has already been made by the impoverished people of the world, waiting to be carried out"

"Risk is high because the stakes are so high, but the current system is dependent upon scarcity" (get the full thesis)

"What happens to the technologies when the economic system that gave rise to them collapses?"
"foolish for us to believe search for a just society cannot unwittingly produce disaster"

"We humans can merely channel the drama of our existence in a productive direction."

"quite probably truer to human nature for civilization to take a leap of faith without care for the risks" (get the full thesis)
"If we are to be realistic, we can also accept chaos as a historical norm during transitional periods."
"there is a kind of sanctity that we can give to the risks involved in dramatic historical change"
"overcoming the contradiction of preaching about freedom and equality while sustaining oligopoly"
"keeping our progressive momentum and taking risks will remain our only option to stay human"
"being human at this time might necessitate being transhumanist" (get the full thesis)
"as humans, we as a society must necessarily be in transit or we will fall in a regressive way"
"If we stop our journey and go against our transitory nature, we fall"

"No person or society can claim to be perfect or complete in their current state."

"Humans consider themselves to be above apes, yet man himself can similarly change"
"Maybe there will be sordid times in the present, but they will allow our future to be cultivated."
"the greatest error is to flee from the development of the technologies because of our anticipation"
"It is good that past generations took risks and developed civilization" (get the full thesis)
"one can reject numerous ethical questions as alien to humanity’s own nature"
"we certainly ought not to reject rapid strides in innovation and liberation on the basis of risk"

"any misuse of technology in the present is simply the guarantor of correct use in the future" (get the full thesis)

"The whole earth is already an experiment."
"At no point should we reject progress and liberation, and turn back for the sake of our own fears."

"remunerations for the people struggling with scarcity at the feet of Western bully-states"

"democratically circulating biotech machinery for farmers to genetically modify their own crops"
"circulating synthetic life-forms that can enhance industry in the poorest countries" (get the full thesis)
"Nothing could be better for people in poor countries in the long-term"
"things that can seriously overcome the dependency of poor countries on rich countries"

"misguided to predict emerging technologies to be jewels in the crown of the Western world"

"technologies more than anything else are destined to finally break the chains of the world’s poor"
"technologies have potential to eradicate division of labor that keeps poor in servitude" (get the full thesis)
"uncertainty surrounding today’s defining technological developments a threat only to oligopoly"
"place a secure confidence in the promise of technology-powered liberation"

"the key to tackling the unfair conditions and privileges ever sustaining global inequality"

"It is time for man to fix his goal. It is time for man to plant the germ of his highest hope."
"proceed through the impending disaster, unlock the awaited higher states of modern civilization" (get the full thesis)
"it is a historical inevitability that they would still be moving humanity on to a better state"
"Reflection on errors has often illuminated the future"

"I love him who laboreth and inventeth" (get the full thesis)

"transition period away from the structural injustices of the present would be disintegration"
"to deny a world-transforming technology to the world poor is an offense to the idea of equality"
"Why assume party releasing emerging technology to the world’s poor is the party taking the risk?"
"moral obligations can ultimately take priority over the law in some cases"
"synthetic life-forms could replicate on their own and so only be “leaked” once" (get the full thesis)
"the possibility of hacking the real world rather than the information world opens up"
"This entails promoting the democratization of technology"
"overcome the idea that flimsily defined nation-states are valid enough to have control over all force"

"Police order should be regarded as oppressive in nature" (get the full thesis)

"delegitimize the state and undermine its bullying power with the assistance of technology"
"technologies more than anything else are destined to finally break the chains of the world’s poor"
"place a secure confidence in the promise of technology-powered liberation"
"emerging technologies, uncontained and unsupervised, should be circulated as the greatest hope"

"At no point should we reject progress and liberation, and turn back for the sake of our own fears"

"recognize how technology is starting to play an undeniable role in liberating and empowering people"
"Being human at this time might necessitate transhumanism" (get the full thesis)
"Time for all breeds of progressives to take a more enthusiastic stance on emerging technologies"
"Reflection on errors has often illuminated the future"

"The whole earth is already an experiment" (get the full thesis)

"possible certain machines will be able to replicate themselves, or synbio products could replicate"
"transhumanism would lead us to become better political animals immune to differences"

"Moral duty of synbio is to enhance industry in the poorest countries"

"New species are inevitable, they are the future"
"Synbio opens the possibility to farm and grow fuel, ending the threat of diminishing fossil fuels" (get the full thesis)

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Catalyst is Harry J. Bentham's 2013 short political publication, forecasting an unprecedented era of technology-powered socioeconomic liberation. According to Bentham, "the gravest danger to hegemony and oppression lies at the transformational crossroads of liberation and technology."


Harry Bentham is a futurist writer based in Britain, whose expertise has contributed to a number of think tanks and news broadcasters.

He has published at a large number of publications including Beliefnet, Press TV, and The Blog. His comments have even made headlines, lending him some enjoyment as a political analyst since 2013.


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