12 August 2014

The Mont Order: ancient club revealed

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The Mont Order, which is already the subject of a popular conspiracy theory, has revealed itself. It is described as a "club" which is presently extinct, but endorsed such ideas as world government, transhumanism and an end to national borders during its time.

From the Lordre blog at Beliefnet:
This should explain the facts as they presently exist on this apparently misused subject, as well as clarify my own intentions for all things that the Mont Order deserves to encompass in future, if any.  
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2014/08/we-are-all-of-the-mont-order.html#ixzz39vv38ofJ
The post links to an exclusive essay on the Mont Order group, which maintains ambiguity on the question of who authored it, and states that it exists mainly to support people who have been invited to join the mysterious club.

Tweeted from Harry J. Bentham, who claims to have inside knowledge of the Mont Order, in support of the Lordre post:

There is even a satirical Mont Order Twitter account now open, calling itself an "ancient and secret society"!

Amid continued serious-sounding conspiracy theories on the internet regarding the Mont Order, we can only suggest that conspiracy nuts just chill out and realize that this is really only a prank already.

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