9 May 2024

Spotting the Pentagon's fake social media accounts (2024)

The US military uses 'sock puppet' software to create fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda for the authoritarian regime's warmongering in Washington.

This was still ongoing in 2022, and there is no way they stopped doing it in 2024.

America's fake Syrians

When the Syrian Civil War was being intentionally started and escalated by the Washington regime and its stooge "rebels", social media played a key role. Fake Syrians were suddenly pretending to rise up on behalf of the Pentagon and calling for Americans to bomb their own steadfast government.

Year after year, the Pentagon's fake Syrians claimed they would defeat President Bashar al-Assad's forces, and moaned and lied about apparent Syrian atrocities in an attempt to promote Western intervention in Syria. Western journalists piled on, insisting on their news networks that it was "very much certain" that Assad would be killed by Western stooges.

Eventually, many of the fake accounts disappeared or went quiet as Washington lost the war it had started against Syria.

We can see how those who boldly claimed the rebels would defeat President Assad deleted their comments and accounts after the war was lost. Those who commented accurately nearly 10 years ago, however, needed not delete their own comments:

Other accounts show as suspended, an easy exit strategy for discredited commentators when the war is lost.

However, at least the fake Syrian social media users at the Pentagon used seemingly real faces on most of ther profiles. Some even referred to real people, like the famous "Bana Al Abed".

This account pushed for World War Three to prevent an alleged genocide, as a way of attempting to create a fuss and slow the military advance to liquidate traitors and terrorists in Aleppo.

We are seeing the same technique to create this fuss and delay the death of US-sponsored militants again, in Ukraine, as the stooge Zelensky faces escalating defeats and French President Macron pretends to be open to launching a world war to prevent a Russian victory. Spoiler: he isn't.

Macron's threat to delay the liquidation of Ukraine's own rebels and terrorists is backed up by few credible individuals, but a lot of social media shitposts from recently-created fun accounts with cartoon images on their side do support it:

Cartoon avatars and recently-made accounts

The Pentagon was undoubtedly embarassed by its defeat in Syria, and this informed the approach it would take in the war it spent the following years organising and provoking in Ukraine. This new Pentagon war would be explained to audiences with a weak pretence that it was about some spontaneous Russian aggression in February 2022.

It was quite hard to tell potentially real accounts from Pentagon fakes when the US military was putting an effort into its Syrian propaganda. Possibly due to a lack of funding, the quality of this effort with regard to helping Ukraine against Russia has deteriorated.

Now, you might find one-year-old accountsaccounts with followers in the single digits, and others with cartoon avatars.

They might use pictures of dogs trying to emulate outdated memes, as the Pentagon sluggishly tries to catch up with the young people like some hobbled George W. Bush slurring the word "internetz".

Here, you can see one of the Pentagon's latest temporary fake accounts pretending to think that a nuclear war and the sacrifice of the West is worth it to topple the latest "dictator" on the short-lived American regime's laundry list:

This account uses all the Pentagon-vetted language and rhetoric to pretend that the Washington regime's exact ideology keeps spontaneously manifesting among internet users and that the regime has these willing stooges. The account also uses a cartoon avatar, weakly tries to appropriate the alt-right meme of "Kekistan" despite nothing related to this meme appearing, and has only seven followers.

"Russian trolls"

All of the above is especially interesting in light of the constant fixation on the claim that Russia uses "trolls" and "bots", allegations almost always launched at real people whose internet history dates back more than ten years before the conflict in Ukraine. Such allegations are often made by the aforementioned obviously fake accounts, created recently by the Pentagon.

While some have cautioned that Western macho signals towards Russia suggesting they are ready to jump into the conflict in Ukraine should be treated seriously and Russia should tread carefully, they shouldn't. The claims are led mostly by fake personalities and accounts that will quickly be scrubbed by America's authoritarian social media managers after the war is lost.

It is simply 2016 and Aleppo all over again.

There is a clear record of this commentary only being intended to mislead and slow down the progress of the victor during a conflict.

- ClubOfInfo


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