13 May 2016

US-Pakistan military deals unreliable

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In an analysis at the Pakistan-based Voice of East magazine, one author focuses on the way US military contracts enable the US to exploit Pakistan and treat it as a junior strategic partner. This has been contributing to "shaky Pak-US relations".

Most of America's allies around the world are treated with contempt by the US leadership, which considers them as puppets whose interests can be sacrificed to deal damage to US geo-strategic rivals. Pakistan is no exception to this rule, as the author states.

Addressing a recent deal for Pakistan to obtain newly modernized US F-16 fighter jets, Shahzad Masood Roomi writes, "This history of the US exploitation of Pakistan through military aid tells us that even if PAF pays the entire cost of these 8 aircraft now, there is no guarantee that these aircraft will ever reach Pakistan." According to the author, Pakistan has always historically suffered from political "strings which the Americans always attached with such military deals."

One area of continued concern to the US regime, which is proud of its technological and military monopolies across the world, would be Pakistan's nuclear deterrent. The US is also still determined to prevent Pakistan finding any common ground with Iran, including joint oil pipelines. As with much of its relations around the world, the US will continue to feel threatened by other countries (even its allies) becoming more self-sufficient or well-armed.

The author's recommendation is for Pakistan to "revamp its entire foreign policy", re-balancing economic and politics in order to achieve equal relations between states. If successful, Pakistan would no longer need tolerate having the US regime's "strategic interests served at the cost of ours".

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