6 May 2016

Mont Order society letting everyone join

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The Mont Order society, despite being called a "secret society" often, is letting everyone join it.

Recently announced over Facebook is a fairly large group called the "Friends of the Mont Order", the same term used by various actual members of the group. In a matter of hours, it had over 400 people signed up to it.

So if you ever wanted to be part of a mysterious and arcane order, now's your chance. Influence the world... or at least influence a group that is influencing the world:

Friends of the Mont Order (Facebook)

One Beliefnet blog commented, "It joins as part of a broader tapestry of groups, movements and contact circles who know of the Mont Order and are sharing its messages of global enlightenment and progress every day."

The main purpose of the Facebook group is to bring people together to talk about the "intersection of technology and politics", one of the areas of interest mentioned in the Order's code.

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