24 February 2018

"#GhoutaGenocide", other #fakenews hashtags being pushed now by #Trump regime

The hashtags "#GhoutaIsBleeding", "#GhoutaGenocide", and other fake news hashtags are being auto-suggested by Twitter. These aim to reinforce the American regime's floundering military invasion of the small Arab country of Syria with propaganda. The clearest goal of such English-language hashtags targeting an Arab country is about making invasion seem justified among Americans, British and other Western consumers.

Background: Due to past experiences, US rulers are afraid their people are weary of the endless war and sanctions that blazed through the Middle East, killing more than a million people over a roughly 20-year period and attracting terrorists to attack Americans. To counter this perception, fake news is created by the US military, seeking domestic support for its massacres and meddling.

The US pretends to condemn atrocities while committing them. In this case, the atrocity in Ghouta consists of Syria's sane, proportionate measures to restore rule of law and neutralise gunmen in Ghouta - the same gunmen who are only present there in a violent bid to seize control of the capital city Damascus.

No ceasefire is desired by the US as its only goal is to change the course of the war, aiming to reverse 7 years of military defeat and disgrace.

Conclusion: Small Syria has struggled with a campaign of American propaganda and bloodthirsty calls for its invasion and annihilation by the top bullies since 2011. Despite this, the country's military and resistance groups gained the upper hand over the invasion's front groups and have come face to face with the American soldiers illegally invading their territory. Syria has warned the powerful American regime that its invasion will be resisted forcefully, and has survived brutal airstrikes and cruise missile attacks by the Americans as they fail to conquer territory. The desperate renewed fake news offensive and use of hashtags to justify once again the failing 7 year old war against Syria is a symptom of the disgrace and approaching defeat of Trump's clumsy invasion forces.


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