16 February 2018

Mont Order Questions and Google Searches Answered by L'Ordre (@LOrdreNet)

14/02/2018, 20:45

The following are emailed questions and Google searches by internet users trying to find out more about the Mont Order group. Now you get the answers from L'Ordre (using the handle @LOrdreNet on Twitter), a close friend of the Mont Order group. The following answers were jotted down here in the United Kingdom on Wednesday evening, aiming to satisfy your curiosity about the Mont Order once and for all.

Google: "mont order"

The Mont Order has a couple of different meanings. The first is the older one, referring to an alleged group from the dawn of time that supposedly knew the future. Conspiracy theorists have posted quite a few bits of sensational information about that group. I don't know anything more about it than they do, but it is interesting. The second meaning of the Mont Order's name is the group I've been active in since a small cooperative publishing effort I tried in 2013. So the digital group is maybe only 5 years old and quite small. It convened for the first time via online video conference in February 2015, that's 3 years ago. Since that time it has expanded quite a lot on social media and has strong relationship to a number of alternate media websites where we hope to influence world opinion. It is done out of hope. I hope we can create effective contributions to the dissident sphere in the US, UK and other Western countries and have a constructive impact on popular opinion, particularly skepticism with regard to the state and its narratives. One of the best descriptions of the Mont Order would be that it is a product and information sharing society. As creators, we share our products. As readers and analysts, we share information.

Google: "mont order society"

Yes, sometimes the Mont Order is referred to as the Mont Order society. Of course, that isn't some kind of longer official name of the group. It is a good description, though. As I said, we are a product and information sharing society. We are like a "society" or "association", but I view it all more as a list of contacts. I hope we can all be closely aligned, but in practice that is not always the case. I do believe that whatever collective sharing of stories does occur through the shared accounts, whether on Twitter or elsewhere, has a definite positive impacts on our collective reach, influence and credibility. Such activity has only grown so far, although I am pessimistic about the long-term prospects of an association being gathered and run on social media. You might say it is the norm now for societies to digitize themselves and become online forums, but I think something more enduring is needed. For the foreseeable future, our "society" will continue to survive by dispersing its influence through several independent media outlets, despite growing pressure on such outlets by hostile governments and corporations seeking dominance in the information space. I hope we and our friends win on this information front, but history often has other plans than what we desire. I am constantly thinking about other fronts that can be used to meet the needs of dissidents but it is far too early to talk about them and no-one else is yet talking about them, either.

Google: "mont order secret society"

Sure, some online work-spaces of the Mont Order are locked down for members only. The group itself is clearly not secret, so the description of "secret society" would seem to be inaccurate, unless there is another group using our name that does not reveal itself.


You can learn all you need to about the Mont Order by using the subscription links available and reading information pages held at the Mont unofficial information site lordre.net and sympathetic websites. Also just search using Google to see if your query has already been answered.

"I subscribe to the Facebook group and read the articles as they are published. Would like to understand more about Mont Order and it's (sic) people"

There is really not much more to show. We do have work-spaces for members only, but you would need to be a member to see them. The subject matter of the Mont Order is obscure for most people. The only significant barrier to learning about us is not knowing we exist in the first place. Once you break that barrier, you can pretty easily find everything you want to find.

"I’m someone whose (sic) very intrigued by your work! And i would like to learn more if you would grant me the opportunity"

To really learn more, the best way would be to just join the Order. A Mont Order online course at openlearning.com even exists for this purpose. Following the whole process would not only allow you to really learn who we are and what we do, but also allow you to influence us and help decide the course of our actions. We are very open to anyone who can demonstrate a keen ability to decipher world events, with particular interest in politics and technology. But to be accepted as a member, you really need to have some product or privilege you want to share with us. That is really what glues the group together. If you have a book or a blog that aligns with ours, that is absolutely what we are looking for.


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