15 May 2020

Monthly Review, Fri, 15 May 2020 17:17:06

On this day our choice of book is Dr Hesham Hassaballa’s co-authored Beliefnet Guide to Islam (https://t.co/AmQr6ba8Tc). The Guide is an astute contribution to our century’s big political conversations, so to give it the praise it deserves we’re keeping it on our lists. In this case, we discover ideas that are surely radical in their depth. If you’re as good at recognizing it as us, you’ve got to begin by reading how buyers react. According to an impressed reader, - the book will “In great details address issues that most westerners misunderstand regarding Islam. Great book, would highly recommend for many Muslims as well.” Similar works by Dr Hassaballa have been described as a “joy to read”. If you read this post, you might as well go the whole way and get a copy of the book yourself. If not, stay with us for more by using the email subscription option right at our website.


2020 protests: American Spring? US regime-collapse?

The Trump regime is presiding over a viral outbreak that slaughtered over 100,000 Americans, embarassing the US as the worst-hit countr...

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