28 March 2021

Petition calls on Biden to restore Obama-era "We The People" site

A petition launched by American libertarian writer Thomas Knapp calls on the Biden administration to restore (ironically) an Obama-era petition website cancelled by Biden.

Launched at Change.org, the petition argues:

"We The People," while imperfect, served a valuable function. While it could not compel action on an issue, It put the executive branch on the spot, requiring it to explain itself when Americans demanded such action.

We call upon President Joe Biden to restore the "We The People" site, and, in keeping with his inaugural comments lauding "the will of the people," to commit to responding in a timely manner to petitions which gather 100,000 or more signatures.

One signatory had written, "I believe one of the most important things that President Obama did was to actively seek the involvement of his fellow citizens in creating policies and providing the political pressure needed to pass controversial legislation. And the White House's "We The People" web page was probably the best example of that. So I was shocked to discover today that the Biden Administration had pulled the plug on it."

The arrival of signatures has slowed since last month. If you support the restoration of the White House's former petition site, you can take part in the signing at https://www.change.org/p/joseph-r-biden-restore-the-white-house-s-we-the-people-petition-site

- ClubOfInfo

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