27 March 2021

Selective moral, humanitarian outrage for US strategic ends continues

Mont Order group: International media coverage is often designed to manipulate, for the strategic gain of a particular country. Whenever our focus is directed, by another party, onto a very specific country's alleged human rights abuses, our suspicion is in order. It is especially in order if that other party is part of the mainstream US-based media. Presently, we see incitement against the regime in the case of Belarus, China, and Myanmar, and we know all attention used to be on Syria (that campaign of manipulation ended in failure). While there are genuine human rights abuses and movements to counter them around the world, many such movements are in the thrall of US strategy or would accept such a pathetic role in order to be funded. If someone is criticising a regime, it is most likely to be credible criticism if it is a US-backed regime neglected by media coverage. For that reason, the least misguided assessment of international affairs demands a clear picture of the geography of pro-Western subservience and US-led liberal hegemony. If a country targeted for whatever official "humanitarian" reasons is presently escaping the coercion of the hegemonic power, that may be the only true reason it is being targeted. - LOrdreNet


High-ranking psychopaths are pushing for a nuclear war with Russia, seemingly intentionally

If the US leaders wanted to wage a thermonuclear war that would destroy America and the world, we would not be here to talk about it. Presid...

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