18 April 2021

US election period saw web traffic throttled

Traffic to this very blog was being choked, decreasing to about a quarter of its typical numbers of visitors, during the US regime's heavily criticized election.

Tech companies are inherently protective of the regime and its institutions, committed to every goal of the regime from police-order within the US to US victory in foreign wars. The heads of the companies are statists, seeking to augment the US state's power over citizens, the way some armed US militias are statists and want to augment law enforcement any way they can.

The election, which was won by the pro-censorship Democratic Party, was filled with calls for the suppression of points of view that differed from the heavily favored Democratic candidate using any means. Major US companies such as Twitter and Google evidently took part in suppressing criticism, using their dominance of search engines and online commentary to create favor towards the current president.

That even small blogs aimed at non-US readers, such as clubof.info, would be caught in the crossfire of pro-establishment censorship gives some insight into the tools used by Google to protect the institutions of the regime from criticism and doubt among US citizens.

Constant calls in the mainstream media for people to have faith in the regime's institutions and its elections, as well as official news networks, indicate fear at the widespread lack of trust in US officials. Despite being the result of the repeated lies of the regime with regard to every policy since at least the Iraq War of 2003, the regime seems to see this backlash and the access of its citizens to foreign media (even small blogs like this one in the UK) as a huge threat.

Walls are being put up, to stifle alternate points of view, and they are getting taller every day.

Note that some liberals and libertarians don't see the actions of private organizations as censorship, instead looking in dictionaries and only using the word "censorship" if the state can be proven to have done it (Wikipedia dissents from this view, and the fact church institutions rather than state institutions were among the biggest abusers of censorship historically also dissents from this view).

What is happening is almost state censorship. In the current censorship crusade, many of the involved individuals at Google and other companies such as Eric Schmidt are deeply involved in the state (including through actual contracts) and securing its interests, much like private military contractors (PMCs), even having visited Iraq to aid US war aims. Tech executives, like PMCs, are individuals tied to the state informally and using private means to achieve state censorship precisely to weasel out of being accused of state censorship, just as PMC outfits might be created to enable the state to get away with war crimes.

- ClubOfInfo

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