26 June 2021

Social liberalism's triumphs in North America and our relationship to them

Mont Order website: Not being anchored to a nation-state, Mont members possess varied views defined by geography and culture. As such, what we say can potentially represent real diversity of thought, since our aim is not one ideology but areas of compatibility between the most disparate nations and ideologies. In the US, there are real strides on behalf of institutions toward social liberalism being made a kind of state ideology represented by now diplomatically-displayed rainbow flags, black banners and other symbols, while formerly innocuous conservative sentiments and affections are treated as socially unacceptable vulgarity and worthy of punishment, with lots of talk of sacking and other sanctions applied to tether the opinions of individuals to the new norm (a backlash mainly to Donald Trump and his extreme supporters). The ideologically-charged signals of US entities may seem disturbing to someone of a conservative persuasion in any country, due to the US's lingering vast military and economic power. How long before they find cause to go on another crusade of international aggression? We may imagine them using their military or financial power to force their social liberal value system on sovereign states with deeply conservative populations, for example Turkey or Uzbekistan. This is unlikely, however. While the US "patriotic" right is in a sorry state, both self-inflicted by their own absurdities and also sustained from the US social liberals' electoral and cultural victories, the same isn't likely to happen to conservatives outside the West, or even outside the US. The key is the exact nature of social liberal "wokeness", as it is often derided and praised: it isn't false, but a real awakening among North Americans to the fact both regimes (the US and Canada) are supremely evil and were evil from the moment the first settlers set foot there. While some aspects of US-branded social liberalism might seem like long-term threats to tradition everywhere, the ideology is more likely to curtail global liberal hegemony than strengthen it. As US thought turns to reflect for the first time on their own evil and the fact they were founded on genocide, the US will fail to export its dissonant ideology abroad and will focus more on reeducating its own citizens (half the population, many illiterate and primitive amid their decaying infrastructure, might take a very long time to discipline). As such, conservatives outside the US should ignore the American right and its reported plight. At the same time, Americans who sincerely consider themselves "woke" should not unwittingly become a new species of imperialist or nationalist. They should be encouraged to be especially wary of rhetoric that (1) rehabilititates America on the world stage. "America is back" (AIB) is another "make America Great again" (MAGA), an expression of the same supremacist international will (2) looks back to the days of FDR and calls for the US to reindustrialise (i.e., beat China) (3) pledges that the US needs to save the world from a climate disaster and that the world cannot afford America to die. Excuses for nationalistic salvation are only ever sanitised rightist subversion, hoping to stop the ongoing iconoclasm against the North American regime's racist and unworthy foundations. They are a desperate act to save the doctrine of US exceptionalism from the flames of the awakening - an act that would only renew the oppression of other nations (including US minorities) by the regime. In short, "wokeness" isn't for us. It isn't for humanity or for the international agenda, but it is for the North Americans and we need them to have it. - LOrdreNet


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