8 December 2021

Successful Taliban "will not act as proxies" for America

The idea that the Afghan Taliban could act as agents of the United States and the West to spread chaos to regional countries is contradicted by ground realities.

Such a claim exists among some in the pro-Iran and possibly pro-Russia media, with an article at Press TV being available as an example.

Contrary to such claims, the Taliban "want to have diplomatic relations with all countries" and on "an equal level", as observed by the Editor of the Pakistan-based Voice of East website in a recent Q and A. As such, the Taliban's new Islamic Emirate "will not act as proxies of any power".

Responding to a different question, the Editor drew a distinction between the Afghan Taliban and the TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan), also called "Pakistani Taliban". The latter are a "motley crew of brainwashed mercenaries who have nothing to do with religion". The TTP can be considered Takfiris (they do Takfir, or declare other Muslims to be infidels), whereas the Afghan Taliban are not.

The TTP is infiltrated by Western intelligence agents as well as those of India and Israel with the aim to harm Pakistan's security. The same is true of al-Qaeda and Daesh cells, the Editor commented.

Recommended link: Voice of East website

Responding to another question, the Voice of East Editor confirmed that there was widespread surprise in Pakistan at the Taliban's "lightning fast" success in Afghanistan. Most observers expected the Afghan National Army (ANA), even devoid of "moral and popular support" and dependent on US help, to hold out longer.

The Taliban's victory has left many concerned, including in Pakistan, about possibly extremist revival and the terrorist fallout that may follow. However, it appears that the new authorities based in Kabul are currently interested in building a secure homeland rather than exporting terror to other nations.

- ClubOfInfo


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