9 December 2021

Western intelligence agencies "using every trick in the book to destabilise Pakistan"

Western agents follow a policy encouraging the dismemberment of the Pakistani state. This was the observation of the Editor of Voice of East, a Pakistan-based media website, as part of a recent email Q and A in late November.

"Ground realities and the geopolitics of the region" indicate Western countries encourage seditious activity in the country, the online magazine's Editor claimed. The offending countries regard Pakistan as "an influential strategic partner of China", with that nation in turn perceived to be "a threat to US/NATO hegemony".

Western regimes turn away from friendship with Pakistan in favour of India. Also from the insightful Q and A:

I strongly believe that the US is committing a strategic blunder by giving preference to India over Pakistan. It would have been pragmatic to engage with both South Asian countries. Pakistan’s role is crucial in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region. Far from acknowledging the importance of Pakistan, the Biden admin is side-lining the state of Pakistan in a very provocative manner. 

Significant destabilization efforts in Pakistan followed the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, although the US has no sway over the Taliban's restored Islamic Emirate:

Pakistan's security situation was affected immediately after the Afghan Taliban took over in Afghanistan. Pakistan witnessed resurgence of terrorist attacks in the provinces bordering Afghanistan, KPK and Balochistan after many years. Previously the TTP (Tehrik Taliban Pakistan) had been carrying out terrorist activities in Pakistan through safe havens in Afghanistan. Ghani govt. under the patronage of the US was protecting these terrorists, and also it was pro-India. It’s an open secret that the Indian intelligence agencies were working hand in glove with the Afghan intelligence agency NDS and also funding the TTP.

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The Editor gave further clarity on Pakistan's foreign policy situation:

The beginning of Afghan Taliban’s rule was a big blow to Indian designs against Pakistan which were being enacted on Afghanistan’s soil. The TTP too were displaced after Afghan Taliban’s takeover and their sleeper cells in Pakistan were activated.

Citing Pakistan's history of survival against severe threats and the continued power of the Pakistani military (more than sufficient to stand up to its much larger opponent, India) the Voice of East Editor expressed confidence that extremists will fail to seize power in the country. This rubbishes the views of such individuals as former Trump administration diplomat John Bolton, who even expressed a harsh view that "preventive action" was needed to prevent this scenario.

From this, it appears that the fall of the Afghan government had more of a chaos-spreading effect rather than presenting a coherent or strong threat to Pakistan. The organized threat to Pakistan, in fact, could be diminished, since it was a state-led effort with the involvement in the former Afghan government and India, both of whom are now expelled from Kabul.

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