31 August 2023

Russia's non-nuclear option if NATO started it


If NATO has decided to attack Russia on some restrained and small scale, Russia can do a lot more damage in response with an even more restrained move that doesn't hurt anyone.

There are concerns that NATO, stressed by mounting Ukrainian military deaths and destroyed NATO equipment in the ongoing proxy war against Russia, launched a drone attack on Russia. A strike on Russian territory occurred on Russia's border with NATO member Estonia, far from Ukraine.

Also, some Russians have recently suggested nuclear strikes against Ukrainian troops (a terrible idea).

NATO could have struck Russia in a restrained and limited way, to see if Russia is willing to tolerate small strikes in return for avoiding nuclear war. However, Russia doesn't have to choose between NATO drone attacks and a nuclear war.

Russia can respond with its own limited strike , not killing anyone or escalating in any way.

NATO uses its satellites to help Ukraine kill people, just as NATO uses its satellites to kill civilians in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere. These satellites are not alive, and their destruction would result in lives being saved. The move against them would be legally justified by Russia, to both its own people and the world.

Coincidentally NATO's early warning system for dealing with nuclear threats depends on the same satellites. The loss of satellites will not only expose NATO to further Russian strikes without being able to detect the incoming threats as effectively, but will disable the use of many key NATO missile types (such as the vaunted GMLRS and ATACMS) that require satellites to be effective.

Again, lives are saved, there is no escalation, and the decision to go insane or launch a nuclear war over what happened has to be made by NATO itself, whose ability to carry it out is greatly diminished.

- ClubOfInfo


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