27 April 2014

#BOOK: 5 excellent scifi and fantasy authors you should read @CLUBOFINFO

Like #SciFi? Take a look at CLUBOF.INFO’s selection here of excellent works by some less-known but nonetheless highly skilled sci-fi authors, whose books you can download or get shipped to your address right now. Relax with some captivating reading by clicking the links below.
#1 PEACEFUL INTENT—TALES OF ALIEN/HUMAN INTERACTION by Harris Tobias explores the comedy or tragedy that could happen when aliens and humans interact. In 31 entertaining original stories, Harris Tobias takes his readers on a fun ride through the cosmos. Harris Tobias is one of the best authors often featured at Quantum Muse, where his work can be found frequently. His fiction has appeared in Ray Gun Revival, The Calliope Nerve, Literal Translations, FriedFiction and other obscure publications. 
#2 TIME WARS & OTHER SCI-FI TALES by Gordon Rowlinson provides readers with 11 stories of the unknown, the speculative and the fantastic. These stories vary from an interplanetary journey to a time-travel vacation adventure in the Cretaceous period and more. Gordon Rowlinson contributes to Quantum Muse, where his works are frequent and among the very best there. 
#3 OUTRUNNING THE STORM by Michele Dutcher tells of a world where baseline humans, clones, AIs, and tweaks will compete to claim their place in a social order ruled over by super-corporations. This is the first novel from Michele Dutcher, who has been writing Sci-fi for eight years and has been published multiple times in webzines which include Aphelion, Orion’s Arm, Quantum Muse and Bewildering Stories. With this experience, Michele is a highly capable author.
#4 THE WIZARD'S HOUSE by Jeromy Henry is a fantasy tale of the adventure of Sam and Angela when they are catapulted into magic, mystery and danger. Can they escape a duel between rival magicians? Can they use their wits and courage to find their way home? Will their lives ever be the same again? 
#5 SEARCH BEYOND: FIRST ANTHOLOGY by Harry J. Bentham is a collection of individual science fiction stories about a starship banished forever from Earth and lost in deep space. We find a universe with scarcely any interesting alien life to boast of, yet we can still scrape adventures from the depths of a mysterious universe paralleled only by the enigma of humanity’s own hyper-evolved technologies. Harry J. Bentham is a futurist adviser at the Lifeboat Foundation think tank, where he takes part in some of the defining conversations on emerging tech, and he is also a sci-fi writer with stories at publications including Quantum Muse.
To find other little-known sci-fi and fantasy authors trying to build their readership, visit www.quantummuse.com and discover the work featured there. In this golden age of indie book publishing, there is no reason at all to restrict ourselves to only reading the authors reviewed at the NYT!

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