23 April 2014

#PRODUCT: Best and cheapest flashlight torch on @Amazon?

Whether you are caught in a power cut or trekking in the night and exploring abandoned buildings (like we all know you do), there are three things that everyone looks for in a good flashlight and exponentially improving technology is here to help you.

1, lighter and smaller is best. 2, nobody wants the torch to empty the battery too quickly, or get dim as the battery is drained. 3, it should be durable.

Now that we know what we want, let us go through the best options found by CLUBOF.INFO at Amazon.

#3: UltraFire Cree

Equipped with 5 different modes and extremely bright, this torch will light up the whole place with blazing white LEDs, thus keeping night terrors away and helping you sleep at night. Its fantastic design can allow you to spot wildlife even 200 yards away in the dark, provided of course that you zoom the beam. In fact, this is bright enough that you should take care to keep it out of reach of kids, or they might be burning your retinas when you next look in their direction.

The UltraFire works effectively with just 3 AAA batteries. Its five modes include strobe light mode, and all reviews show that it is very easy to use. Reviewers say it is a good choice for camping and any other situations where a bright light might come in handy. Reasonably priced, this is one of the best options that can be recommended on Amazon.

Click for a closer view at Amazon, if you want to try this out.

#2: ProTac HL

With specifications showing that it has 600 lumens of blinding light and 253 meters of beam distance, the ProTac HL is the brightest in the ProTac series. It is advertised to offer the latest in power LED technology, and three different selectable programs that are entirely up to the user. Thanks to its unique technology, this is “one of the brightest tactical personal carry lights for its size”. It is recommended for “law enforcement, security, emergency medical services, sporting goods, hardware/tool, and consumer use.

Satisfied? Click to view at Amazon.

#1: Mini Cree

Now this is a lot of light from such a tiny device. CLUBOF.INFO sees this as the best option for just about any average user, offering a compelling combination of all three features you most want in a flashlight torch. In fact, I might just add this to my own basket right now (it has been reduced from $35.48 to $3.18 recently.)

This option brings you super mini size and a bright, blinding effect. The Mini Cree has a durable design and is waterproof. Still capable of remarkable power despite its tiny size, its output can come to a maximum of 300 lumens. It has an adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus. Just pull the head of the flashlight, and it extends to adjust the zoom. This torch will utilize its batteries to the maximum, wasting nothing. It is suitable for everything from hunting to just about any emergency situation.

Above all, the Mini Cree is cost-effective, light, tiny and extremely powerful.

Just click through to get this cute, tiny flashlight.

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