1 July 2014

ClubOfINFO is on LinkedIn!

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ClubOfINFO Circulation is introducing a LinkedIn page, and is calling for followers from across the rest of its social media presence. We can plan on introducing a Facebook group too, in addition to our existing Twitter presence.

Updates will be posted at our LinkedIn page, and this move will serve to boost ClubOfINFO's potential as a business:

ClubOfINFO Circulation is an online publisher, launched in March 2014 with a mission to encourage and circulate offbeat and fascinating analysis and views on business, science, politics, culture and literature. Central to ClubOfINFO is the website clubof.info, managed by author Harry J. Bentham at Wigan, UK and home of the ClubOfINFO biweekly web magazine. 

For more, go to the ClubOfINFO Circulation LinkedIn page. Don't forget to follow, to show your support for this fledgling media project.

Just send us your email address to get ClubOfINFO articles delivered for free.

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