1 July 2014

A Transformational Experience

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I have been genuinely awed by a radical new design of netbook, which I bought to replace an earlier machine after the keyboard suffered under a coffee spill. When this coffee spill destroyed the keyboard with with which I had written 15 books and published work in over 40 different sources, I realized just how dependent I had been on technology. What to do? Surely, anything else I bought would eventually succumb to the same kind of silly accident? I don't believe that.

My solution? Imagine that you spill your coffee on your laptop computer. You do not waste a moment mourning your lost technology. Instead, you disconnect the compromised keyboard and throw it to the floor after which you continue with the touchscreen. ASUS has introduced the "Transformer Book", with which you can now do this. After I had ordered the Transformer Book, swayed by its promise of transformation, I regained control of the keyboard that had suffered under the coffee spill. However, that didn't change my mind about buying a Transformer Book.

All the essential hardware of the transformer book is contained in the screen. which detaches to become a 10-inch tablet. Such a design is inherently more durable and effective that what you'll find in conventional netbooks. Keyboards get worn down, and they create a horrible vulnerability to liquids. Touchscreens malfunction if they get liquids on them, but they don't suffer any permanent damage.

What I found was the ASUS Transformer Book T100. I tend to only go for the cheapest available computers, and this was no exception, but I was impressed by the incredible power of this tiny computer. Honestly, it is like having the power of a full desktop PC in your hands.

The new separation feature, in which the screen and keyboard can be separated to offer an incredibly powerful tablet, make this netbook very friendly. It is comfortable for entertainment and play, as well as being as efficient as possible for work. You can literally use this as two completely different devices.

If you have a very mobile lifestyle or you prefer not to be fixed in one place, this gives you the power of a full desktop PC wherever you go. The Transformer book is very fast, excellent for writers and bloggers, who will find themselves able to get everything done at the maximum speed and efficiency.

By Harry J. Bentham - More articles by Harry J. Bentham

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