11 July 2014

Recommended author: Stephen Sweeney

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Born in Brighton, UK in 1977 to Terry and Emma Sweeney, Stephen Sweeney lives in London, where he works in electronics. He is also an ambitious independent science fiction author, which is the main thing we at ClubOfINFO always want to talk about. Among his published titles are such exciting works as The Battle for the Solar System, perhaps his most notable novel series.

The background of an author is key to your entitlement as a reader to rely on them as a source of quality fiction. That's one area where Sweeney is surely not weak. He studied Environmental Biology at Oxford Brookes University, giving him a unique vantage point from which to create his compelling worlds of science fiction.

While Sweeney does admire the leading giants of British fiction such as J. K. Rowling, Stephen King is one of Sweeney's most important influences. He jokes that he "doesn't read too much King any more since he's too scared of finding an old decaying dead woman lying in his bathtub, grinning at him."

You can find Sweeney's works listed at Amazon. Also follow his Twitter feed or visit his personal website.

ClubOfINFO is always looking to raise the profiles of independent science fiction writers, because we view the exploration of science and technology through fiction as a key avatar of human imagination and progress. If you have anyone in mind, or you'd like to get favorable coverage of your own works here, contact us to get a page at ClubOfINFO!

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