2 December 2014

For where can Rome fall if not in Rome?

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Do the events in Ferguson signal the declining legitimacy, loss of social cohesion, and deterioration of the American nation-state and its institutions on its own territory?

Read the radical political analysis forecasting this gradual loss of legitimacy from the L'Ordre blog featured at the Fox-owned top global multi-faith website Beliefnet:
The unrest has drawn attention to the total illegitimacy of police and security forces in many parts of the United States: something the US government can only be expected to ignore and dismiss repeatedly in the decades to come, maybe until its back is to the wall and it can’t even enforce the personal safety of regime officials in their own homes. If the law repeatedly fails to coincide with the wishes of the people, the law is illegitimate and the people are not at fault. This might make me sound like a bloodthirsty Jacobin, and that’s exactly why it is a basic tenet of modern liberal democracy: liberal democracy is Jacobin. The United States cannot expect to be perceived as a liberal democracy, and yet refuse to be governed by the will of the people and insist on unpopular manifestations of law enforcement. 
Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2014/11/all-regimes-are-illegitimate-the-day-after-americas-end-of-history.html#ixzz3KSepFYl1Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2014/11/all-regimes-are-illegitimate-the-day-after-americas-end-of-history.html#uXlPMQHcmY1faoYj.99
Also from the same blog:
All regimes are illegitimate. I encourage everyone to undermine the regimes under which they live, and attempt to hold them to account. No regime should be above the judgment of the people, and regimes that pretend to rule by popular mandate are only all the more offensive to humanity than open dictatorships. No event would be more conducive to civilization than for the United States government’s institutions to fail and the regime to collapse completely, paving the way for ultimate freedom and anarchy. Such a transition to statelessness must be developed in the US before it occurs in any other state, for where else can Rome fall if not in Rome? It is my understanding that s0-called sociocultural evolution  in the United States filters through to Britain and Western Europe, so all alternative regimes and triumphs of peaceful statelessness must take their accelerated forms and manifest first in the United States. This is true whether we are talking about transcending the state through something as grand as Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project (pursued by the Zeitgeist Movement) or the Zero State’s VDP State, or simply the libertarian and anarchist visions of minimal or abolished state – all of whose values are carried among we, MONT bloggers. 
Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2014/11/all-regimes-are-illegitimate-the-day-after-americas-end-of-history.html#ixzz3KSf3wSOjRead more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/lordre/2014/11/all-regimes-are-illegitimate-the-day-after-americas-end-of-history.html#uXlPMQHcmY1faoYj.99
The L'Ordre blog is one of the most popular blogs featured at Beliefnet, and one of the primary publishers of Harry J. Bentham social futurist commentary and critique.

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