28 November 2014

About the new ClubOfINFO blog service

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ClubOfINFO is offering a generous new service that can propel your blog or site into all new halls of fame. Simply supply your blog address or RSS feed, and receive a widget in return. Not just any widget... a self-updating widget that will appear on all four of our websites to direct visitors to your latest eye-gripping blog posts.

Already, ClubOfINFO encompasses four beautifully-designed newsletters seeking a rich variety of columns to feature in its web spaces:

  • ClubOfINFO (you are here!)
  • Maquis Books (a book publisher and book promotion support service)
  • CISpiritual (a web magazine with a spiritual and religious focus)
  • CI Breaking (a news service bringing daily updates and breakdowns)

You may have a website or blog with commercial aims, such as advertising products. If so, the ClubOfINFO newsletters would be a very efficient way of obtaining the quality traffic you can transform into sales. You handle the sales, and we'll handle the flow of visitors from our four corners of the web.

And to show we're not all talk and no action, we've already plugged the award-winning blog Zoe's Secret Style into ClubOfINFO's channels, and the results have been astounding. See for yourself by browsing the widgets on our channels, and give some serious thought to whether a similar service might be useful for your own blog!

If you are interested in this service, the best place to seek further information is via our Submissions form.

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