11 November 2014

Introduction To The Wave Chronicle

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The Wave Chronicle site has grown to become more than I could have hoped. We openly work with anyone, who in turn, is willing to work with us. It does not matter what group you are a part of or your beliefs. The Wave Chronicle’s goal is to bring positive change and we are willing to listen to anyone, who in turn is willing to listen to us.

The Wave Chronicle will always tackle subjects that are controversial. We look to inspire debate, communication, and thought. Our site is not meant to be, “warm and fuzzy”. We will cover subjects that will piss people off, but we hope that will bring a new thought to the discussion, to influence more learning and more understanding.

We will also cover political issues. You cannot hope a new future into being. Many have tried and all of them have failed. You want a better future, you want to bring advancement to humanity, you need to work for it.

The Wave Chronicle covers many different topics that are broken out into sections.

The Future Is Now has articles related to futurist and transhumanism. We have had a number of top articles in this section: Eugenics and Transhumanism by Dirk Bruere has been extremely popular. The Liquid Mind – Humanity Uploading is a great starter article on the topic of liquid computing. Last but not least is Gennady Stolyarov II book Death is Wrong and effort to get that book into the hands to as many people as possible.

A Better World Today has articles related to activism and politics. We have had a number of hit articles find it’s way of of this section. The American Foreign Policy For Dummies and The American Foreign Policy For Dummies The Ukraine – Russia Edition have been extremely popular. Being Left Behind – The American Experience is another fantastic and popular article. The next two articles Four Horsemen Documentary from Renegade Economist and The Last Hours – The 6th Extinction are highly recommended documentaries to watch.

Climatology Today has articles related to earth and space weather. Our main contributor to this section is Ben Davidson from Suspicious 0bservers. Suspicious 0bservers has daily morning videos that list earth and space weather every single day, Our mega hit article Recent Breakthroughs Reveal Startling Possibility: Water is Everywhere, provides beginning information regarding the principle that water is everywhere within the galaxies and what that means for each and everyone of us and the concept of life outside of our planet. The C(lie)mate series from Suspicious 0bservers has fantastic content as well.

Aware of Awareness has articles related to philosophy. Our goal with this category is to provide some positive reinforcement. We strive for something positive, within the world and within people. My top selection is Creativity in Life – Joe Rogan and The Dream of Life – Alan Watts – Tragedy and Hope.

A Better Learning System Today has articles related to education reform and general education material. The main articles that have been a wild hit come from the Hybrid Librarian, is Science’s 20 Most Unbelievable Truths and Science’s 10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries. Modernizing the Education System by Pratoriate Monk of the Foundation is a fantastic article listing some solid educational reforms.

Technology Today has articles related to technology, I bet no one could have figured out that. We use this section to list new, hot, and or the latest in technology from any sector. This section of the website is usually a bit of a sleeper but we have had a few hits. Tesla Coil & Laser Beams – BBC Worldwide and DIY Solar Electricity – The True Costs by Dirk Bruere are top contenders in this group.

We have a few cool options listed on the Wave Chronicle that I am going to cover.

The Wave Chronicle has an option for anyone to submit an article. You can simply post your article by clicking on the following link and completing the page information. What will happen next after you send the information to us, the article will list to the editors as a draft article and we can easily finish editing the article and then with one simple click the article is posted to the website, our FB Page, and Twitter Page. It is an extremely painless process that our guest authors have come to love.

We also have a Windows App in beta testing and is being worked on by David Kelly. The application will have content from the Wave Chronicle and other sites. It is a nice application and hopefully soon it will be fully functioning but as of today we do not have a date as to when the product will be out of beta.

Last but not least, the Wave Chronicle site can be viewed just as well on your smart phone as it can be from your home computer or laptop. The Wave Chronicle uses a wonderful responsive theme from MHthemes, who have been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommended their services.

In closing, I do not want people to be afraid to leave comments, post articles, or share our content. All people are important and all voices need to be heard. So stand up and be vocal, look to do more, look to be part of a solution.

Strive to do more instead of fighting for your right to do nothing.


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