25 November 2014

American Foreign Policy Rogue Edition

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I have been looking to do a new American foreign policy article for easily a year. Sadly, the US administration has made this impossible. Currently, I cannot figure out exactly what the American foreign policy game plan is, other than simply delving into conspiracy theory madness. I am not saying that the conspiracy theory madness is wrong, just that I do not plan at this time to address those items until I have more information.

This is the Rogue Edition,which mean, the policies below are in opposition to current US warmonger elite positions.

This is going to be addressed by the two main crisis regions:

Middle East:

  • Sabotage the Islamist organizations that the US and friends are currently supplying. Please watch the video below from Storm Clouds Gathering for more info:
  • Aid the Iran – Syria – Kurdish Factions.
  • It would be an unholy alliance, especially for the Kurds. Iran & Syria need the Kurds to hold the Saudi backed Islamists at bay. Without the Kurds, the entire region is going to become one giant Islamist region of hate and murde.
  • Iran needs to be provided with technology and intelligence. We need to build a future and the people of Iran want to be part of Western Society. I know our current administration and political mind think does not honor those words but we must build a world for the future and the people of Iran have a place in that future.
  • The civil war in Syria was never the business of the West. It needs to be abandoned and we need to make a turn around. You have no good guys in the region except the Kurds, ISIS and other US / Saudi based terrorist groups will only doom the future of that region.
  • Give Assad enough aid to take back a portion of his country. If necessary let the Russian Federation do it, at least it would not cost the American taxpayer any money.
  • Provide the bulk of the aid to the Kurds, give them weapons, personnel, technology and intelligence. It is time for a Kurdish State and I say make it happen with reckless abandon.
  • Once the American / Saudi Islamist terrorist groups have been wiped out, send in the Egyptians or Arab League into Syria to start the political process of peace in the territory that Assad and Non-Islamist forces hold. This process will not include the Kurds, they will have their own nation and will address their own territory concerns.
  • Aid moderates within Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. We do not need more war or weapons in this part of the region. We need independent social operations within each of these regions providing a message of peace and unity. We need to encourage more peace mongers in this region to come forward and lead these nations.
  • Aid the Egyptian military in the campaign of removing Islamists from their nation. The Egyptian people have a place in the future world and that needs to be cultivated going forward.

Russian Federation / Ukraine:

  • The Ukraine crisis has to be the greatest blunder to ever happen in American foreign policy history.
  • The warmonger elite make a decision to support National Socialist extremists in Ukraine, breaking a UN resolution. This decision causes the democratically elected Ukraine government to fall. This leads the Crimea region of Ukraine to defect and the Russian Federation takes that region without firing a gunshot.
  • The National Socialist thugs in Kiev decide to force their will on Novorossia, which leads to a bloody civil war. Which turns the southern portion of Ukraine into a war zone on women and children.
  • To add to this drama you have a Malaysian airliner shot down over the war zone.
  • To fix this epic blunder in Ukraine, it is time to get all US forces both public and private out of that nation. It is important to disengage from conflict either political ,militarily and economically with the Russian Federation.
  • This engagement with the Russian Federation has strengthened Vladimir Putin, who is riding an approval rating higher than god and even then, god may be a second class amateur.
  • The Russian people, who prior to this engagement hated being Russian and hated anything that was, is, or was going to be Russian, have changed utterly and completely. They love Mother Russia more today than Mother Russia ever did and this is all do to this engagement over the Ukraine.
  • The US Sanctions are a sick joke on everyone. The Russians are laughing at the sanctions and cannot wait for more of them. All these sanctions accomplish is to further strengthen the Putin base and force Russian funds that have been leaving that nation back home. These US policies only add to Putin’s strength.

It is important to reenact the Monroe Doctrine and take back South America. We have abandoned our own southern hemisphere in the quest for sand and oil. The BRIC Nations have a foothold in that area of the world and that is a direct threat to the future of the United States of America. It is important for the future of the United States to reclaim our own southern hemisphere, these people should be our allies and not our future enemies.

Strive to do more while you still can

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