27 February 2015

The grand plan of the #MONT Order?


Search for more of this hauntingly subversive anti-establishment style of apparel.

The global dissident affinity club calling itself the Mont Order sees antistatism and transhumanism as two elements of the same grand plan to overcome conflict, scarcity and suffering.

This exchange between Mont advisers comes from the Mont Order February Conference, a defining act in the history of the new modern and tech-savvy variant of the Order's mysterious tradition:
DIRK BRUERE: And if enough people say it, often enough on TV, you know, climate change, disaster, resource depletion, disaster, disaster, disaster – it’s just totally demoralizing, you know. It not only gives people a bad feeling, it makes people feel helpless. And if you can make people feel helpless, they don’t work towards anything better, because they’re assuming – 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes, it’s like – 
DIRK BRUERE: Like being handed a death sentence. You know, you don’t make plans beyond your death. 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes. It’s like with the Scottish Referendum, I think was an example of that kind of fear-mongering. Because it was like – in the end, fear won over hope because the Independence Movement was about hope of building an alternative, whereas the No Camp was just about, “no, you don’t want to do that, because these bad things might happen.” 
DIRK BRUERE: Yes, “oh right, you Scottish people, vote to stay England’s bitch because you might lose your pensions.” 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes, and it is like – people for some reason, when they’ve come into contact with challenges, just tend to overwhelmingly think that they don’t want that challenge. Rather than that they want to overcome it. So, like, for me, the idea that probably the nation-states will become less legitimate and weaker in the future, I view that as a challenge – so I look at it positively and I think that, how can we – how can we get through this and build alternatives in the future? Whereas other people would just say, “no, if you – that’s unacceptable – if that happened, the Islamists would just take over – or if that happened, then the anarchists would take over,” or something like that. You know, like, all these negative images of what might happen. 
DIRK BRUERE: Yes, people are always willing to point out the faults in your plan but they don’t put forward a plan themselves. 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes, yes. 
DIRK BRUERE: You know, it’s like these fifteen thousand transhumanists on Singularity Network. And what they – only a fraction of one percent of them actually do anything. 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes. But if it is really happening, if the nation-state really is in crisis and humans are going to become something more than human – if these are facts, that these things are going to happen – whether or not we endorse them, which is probably the case, then it doesn’t really matter that there are a bunch of people saying “oh, what about this or that, it might be dangerous”. 
DIRK BRUERE: They’ll get steamrollered. 
HARRY: It doesn’t really matter that they think that. Because in the end, the time will come when they have to support these things because there’s no alternative. 
DIRK BRUERE: But, it doesn’t matter whether they support them or oppose them, as long they’re ticking boxes on Facebook, because they’re irrelevant. 
HARRY J. BENTHAM: Yes, yes. 
DIRK BRUERE: You know, the future – it’s like one of the slogans of the Transhumanist Party, you know, “the future doesn’t happen, the future is made by people. You’re not one of those people – yet.” 
DIRK BRUERE: I mean, how many people make the future? It’s very few.
Is something else possible, unburdened by human "nature" and the hostile old models of "national security" that form the basis of the conflicts driving our species to extinction?

If so, it is an answer sure to be held by the Order and its confident participants as they continue their great works to lobby and influence the future of civilization. Inheritance, Equilibrium, Order.

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