17 February 2015

Quotes from the #MontOrder gathering


The Mont Order club, which sports its own cultural image with allegations of mysterious religious origins and conspiracy theorist claims surrounding it, has made public comments.

At a live-streamed conference on Saturday, Mont advisors made a number of political calls to the public.

Originally intending to bring representatives of all nine public participants of the Mont Order together, the meeting saw participation between the following opinion-makers:
  • Harry J. Bentham: UK-based dissident columnist for Beliefnet and Press TV
  • Dirk Bruere: UK-based transhumanist representing the Zero State
  • Mike Dodd: US-based editor of the Wave Chronicle
A full transcript of the Mont Order discussion will be made available at our client website cispiritual.com, and the Wave Chronicle. In the meantime, ClubOfINFO has compiled ten of the most important quotes from the online dissident meeting below.

1. It’s the warmonger elite. They need and want a perpetual war. They have been consistent in wanting this perpetual war, pretty much on an economy basis, the military-industrial complex.

2. What America is doing is trying to look for any excuse to back Assad against IS, because IS has got out of hand.

3. No matter what happens in Syria, it isn’t going to be a democracy.

4. Ukraine will have to pay back the money it gets from the IMF. It’s a death knell for that nation.

5. The most impoverished, backward countries in the world are allies of the US, and countries ally to the US thinking they’re going to get rich.

6. If Islamic State can build a nation, then they’ll do it, and it becomes a nation. If they can’t, they can’t. This is how every other nation in existence, came into existence.

7. There’s a kind of ideology that says the nation-state is sacred, and the other thing that is sacred is that we can’t divide people along ethnic lines.

8. We didn’t have a referendum to invite American troops into Eastern Europe, or have a referendum about whether we want American nukes in our country, and basically making ourselves a target for anyone who wants to attack US interests. Nobody had a referendum to do any of that. None of that has any democratic basis, but we just get told to accept it anyway.

9. To the existing power structures, transhumanism could be a very significant threat.

10. We already have people like Edward Snowden, who, just with a flash drive, managed to completely challenge existing power structures, and he was just one person.

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