12 May 2015

Iran deal positives outweigh negatives

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"In the case of this potential [Iranian nuclear] accord, I hope an agreement is reached, since its positives far outweigh its negatives", comments American historical social scientist Immanuel Wallerstein.

This is the conclusion of a commentary authored by Wallerstein on 15 April and published at his widely syndicated column. The commentary was not referring to existing details of the agreement in question, but to the goal of achieving a deal. In the International Relations commentary, Wallerstein addressed a number of negotiations taking place between different states, and laid great emphasis on negotiations not taking place between some states experiencing continued forms of hostility.

The existing negotiations given significance in this analysis were:

  • United States - Cuba
  • United States - Iran
  • United States - Venezuela
  • Colombia - FARC rebels

"Pre-negotiations" taking place that may relieve violent conflict zones:

  • United States - China
  • Afghan central government - Taliban
  • Russian Federation - European Union
  • Ukrainian central government - Luhansk People's Republic
  • Ukrainian central government - Donetsk People's Republic

Negotiations NOT taking place that should take place:

  • Israel - Palestine
  • Saudi Arabia - Iran
  • Japan - China
While expressing the fact that innocent people perpetually suffer where peace deals fail to be inked between warring sides, Wallerstein blamed external forces for the inability of states to negotiate in the third category shown above. In all such cases, the United States is usually putting pressure on factions not to negotiate and to instead attack one another to further the US's own aims in a chessboard-like strategy. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the prime example of such a conflict as, despite their shared Islamic heritage, the US pressures the Saudi military to show off to Iran in a sectarian battle over war-torn Yemen.

The Blog

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